Pinkwashing at an All Time High

This is sort of a quickie because I don't want to elaborate on the crappy 'pink' marketing tactics that companies use to steal your money.

Feminist Law Professors
- The latest in the Mmm, Sexy Pink Breast Cancer! Save the boobies Awareness Sweepstakes

Hoyden About Town - Mount Franklin Breast Cancer Ads: Let's Start a Brown Colon Cancer Awareness Campaign

It creeps me out when I walk into a grocery store and the first thing I see is a blazen pink display from a company profiting off donations. It's pretty sick actually how the bottom line is fear mongering for profit! Insulting to say the least.

They are clever ads but are for all the wrong reasons.

Breast Cancer Action/Parade of Pink - Breast Cancer Industy Month

Think Before You Pink - Tell Yoplait to put a lid on rBGH!


Jason X said...

Funny post. Simple things in marketing I just succumb to like the rest of the herd. Great to read your perspective; opens my eyes.

Jordan said...

Oh thank you! By the way this is not a feminist post either but I like what some the of the profs had to say about it.

Some deem it strange that money is being dumped into organizations and university research and cancer is still somehow a threat.

You know how it is when everyone is in bed with each other. :D

Honor among thieves in some cases.

They say marketers should kill themselves. I think HR departments should start Googling Kool-Aid recipes for their own mass exodus.