Number 1 and Number 2 Killer in the US

The number 1 killer in the US is heart disease which is actually UNTREATED
SCURVY and a side effect is heart stoppage. Get your vitamin C through food.

Foods high in vitamin C

red and green bell peppers
brussel sprouts
sweet potatoes

Cancer is the number 2 killer in the US. Hopi, Navajo and Alaskan Indians
and several other tribes around the world (Africa included) never
developed Cancer because they had a steady diet of
nitrilosides which contain Vitamin B17. Vitamin B17 or
Laetrile is shown to be a powerful combatant of cancer.

Foods high in B17:

bamboo sprouts
alfalfa sprouts
lentil sprouts
mung bean sprouts
garbanzo sprouts
whole nuts (bitter almonds)
fava beans

Grocery list:
crunchy sprouts (many of the above sprouts in one package)
Ezekiel Sprouted Grain bread and pasta (many of the above sprouts and millet)
canned tomatoes
sun dried tomatoes
vine ripe tomatoes
buckwheat soba
fire roasted peppers
pickled peppers = Mezetta Roasted red peppers
canned or dried garbanzo, fava, mung, lentils

Sprouting: soak dried beans or lentils in water for 12 hours.
Change water everyday for three days, drain and refrigerate.

Pickling: Same as above only add salt to water.

Vitamin C is proposed to be banned in Canada and is considered
a toxin. You will only be able to get it with a PRESCRIPTION.
What if they decided to ban it in the US. Are they going to
ban orange juice too!

(This is not medical advice. I am a certified sports nutritionist and this is only a compilation of the foods to eat in addition to some of your favorites. If you have been prescribed meds for heart disease or cancer do not stop taking them on the advice from this post. However do your research and question the medications you are prescribed. There is no such thing as alternative medicine but there is such a thing as organized medicine. Know the difference.)

World Without Cancer
Edward Griffin

Natures Cancer Prevention
Dr. Janet Star Hull


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