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Pink Ribbon Articles

The Politics Behind the Pink Ribbon - MSNBC October 22nd, 2008
"The saturation of breast cancer awareness has left even some survivors dismayed. Writer, social critic, and former breast cancer patient Barbara Ehrenreich has called the movement “an outbreak of mass delusion,” and “a cult.”

“The products — teddy bears, pink-ribbon brooches, and so forth — serve as amulets and talismans, comforting the sufferer and providing visible evidence of faith,” she has written."

Pink Ribbon Promises - Time Magazine 2006

"Jarmoska is not alone in her suspicion. A growing number of breast-cancer activists and organizations have become concerned that the pink ribbon-- an emblem of breast-cancer awareness since 1992--has been hijacked for marketing purposes, a phenomenon that some call pink washing. Last year the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, the nation's largest private charity focusing on breast cancer, urged consumers to start asking questions like how much of the money they spend on pink purchases will actually go to charity, what kind of activities does the charity support and what has its record been?"

Yet Komen still supports pink washing...?

"Pink washing creates a dilemma for charities like Komen, which raises about $30 million a year by working with pink-promotion partners."

Did I read that right? $30 million dollars alone from from ethically illicit marketing campaigns?

So that means we should take Komen's advice and ask Susan G. Komen foundation what percentage of their donations go to where.

More Links:
Susan G Komen Foundation (read the comments)
Boycott the American Cancer Society
BRace for the CurSe - The Cancer Scam 2004 (
Susan Komen Breast Cancer Walk - Sole commenter thinks breast cancer walk is a scam.
Business of Breast Cancer in the UK - BCAM Scam - 1993 this sounds like an ongoing issue.
Is Breast Cancer Awareness a Marketing Sham? 2007 - Consumerism causes breast cancer.
Shameless Liberal Scam

Worlds Largest Pink Ribbon 2004 brought to you by 3M also known for Post-it-Notes and animal testing.

3M also provided vaccine technology this year for Safoni-Aventis, a fellow pinkwasher who also claim to do oncology research. Sanofi-Aventis also paid the U.S. government $190 million for pricing fraud of the drug Anzemet which primarily is coupled with oncology and radiation treatment.

More: How much petroleum product and plastic packaging is responsible for various types of cancers?

Photo by: Gare and Kitty
(Ironically a photo from Avon Walk for Breast Cancer)

Pinkwashing at an All Time High

This is sort of a quickie because I don't want to elaborate on the crappy 'pink' marketing tactics that companies use to steal your money.

Feminist Law Professors
- The latest in the Mmm, Sexy Pink Breast Cancer! Save the boobies Awareness Sweepstakes

Hoyden About Town - Mount Franklin Breast Cancer Ads: Let's Start a Brown Colon Cancer Awareness Campaign

It creeps me out when I walk into a grocery store and the first thing I see is a blazen pink display from a company profiting off donations. It's pretty sick actually how the bottom line is fear mongering for profit! Insulting to say the least.

They are clever ads but are for all the wrong reasons.

Breast Cancer Action/Parade of Pink - Breast Cancer Industy Month

Think Before You Pink - Tell Yoplait to put a lid on rBGH!

100% Free Online Education

"I have never let my schooling interfere with my education." -- Mark Twain

100 Ivy League Courses
Check out the many courses listed at the Eduk8 site. Some of the more fun courses
to take: languages, media, and fine arts. Great for research too.

Cyber Law
Plenty of documents and seminars from the University of Michigan and many other top level U's. Wonderful research material for cyber-ethics, commerce and communication.

Digital Photography School
Darren Rowse of Problogger has the one and only free online digital photography school. Sign up for the newsletter it's totally worth it.

Free Education Online - Unofficial Berkeley OCW
Great selection of open course ware from Berkeley and other universities.
Great resources for students and teachers alike.
FREE stands for: Free Resources for Educational Excellence
Study and prepare for General Education Development in your area. ESL
students can greatly benefit from this site as well as those wanting to brush up
on basic math skills.

Free GED
More General Education Development study in your area.

MIT Open Course Ware
You read that right. Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers
it's information for free. Great for research!

Is a GED not good enough for you? Get a real high school diploma at your own pace for free!

The National External Diploma Program can be found in many states in the US.

Neuroscience for Kids
Excellent site from the University of Washington.

Open UW
University of Washington extension course ware.

School of Thinking
Everyone should take this course! Sign up and get Daily Software for the Brain
and advance leadership courses. Very fun and one of the most important courses
you will ever take. I've been a student since 1998!

The Homeschool Mom
Lesson plans, curriculum, organization and activities for homeschooling your children K-12,

Typing Lessons
The faster you can type with fewer errors the better. Brush up or get away from hunting and pecking with this easy to use typing course. Typing is one of the most useful courses you can take in the information age.

USQ Open Course Ware
What do they teach in Australia you ask? Take a look! Very comprehensive and much different than a lot of course you will find in the US. Aussies have a very different way of thinking.


Number 1 and Number 2 Killer in the US

The number 1 killer in the US is heart disease which is actually UNTREATED
SCURVY and a side effect is heart stoppage. Get your vitamin C through food.

Foods high in vitamin C

red and green bell peppers
brussel sprouts
sweet potatoes

Cancer is the number 2 killer in the US. Hopi, Navajo and Alaskan Indians
and several other tribes around the world (Africa included) never
developed Cancer because they had a steady diet of
nitrilosides which contain Vitamin B17. Vitamin B17 or
Laetrile is shown to be a powerful combatant of cancer.

Foods high in B17:

bamboo sprouts
alfalfa sprouts
lentil sprouts
mung bean sprouts
garbanzo sprouts
whole nuts (bitter almonds)
fava beans

Grocery list:
crunchy sprouts (many of the above sprouts in one package)
Ezekiel Sprouted Grain bread and pasta (many of the above sprouts and millet)
canned tomatoes
sun dried tomatoes
vine ripe tomatoes
buckwheat soba
fire roasted peppers
pickled peppers = Mezetta Roasted red peppers
canned or dried garbanzo, fava, mung, lentils

Sprouting: soak dried beans or lentils in water for 12 hours.
Change water everyday for three days, drain and refrigerate.

Pickling: Same as above only add salt to water.

Vitamin C is proposed to be banned in Canada and is considered
a toxin. You will only be able to get it with a PRESCRIPTION.
What if they decided to ban it in the US. Are they going to
ban orange juice too!

(This is not medical advice. I am a certified sports nutritionist and this is only a compilation of the foods to eat in addition to some of your favorites. If you have been prescribed meds for heart disease or cancer do not stop taking them on the advice from this post. However do your research and question the medications you are prescribed. There is no such thing as alternative medicine but there is such a thing as organized medicine. Know the difference.)

World Without Cancer
Edward Griffin

Natures Cancer Prevention
Dr. Janet Star Hull

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